Ways To Stay Organized in a Tiny House


A tiny house is a great, low-cost way to own a home without a debilitating mortgage, but it also means living in a very small area. Unless you stay organized, you won’t be happy or productive in your limited space, so follow these tips to stay organized.

Invest in Moveable Furniture

Have heavy duty caster wheels installed on your furniture to make them easy to move. That way you can rest in your living room one moment and then convert it into your home office the next. While living in your tiny home, you may need to rearrange your things from time to time to find a better way for it all to fit. Having moveable furniture makes this far easier.

Install Overhead Shelving

Take advantage of your wall space by hanging shelves that you can reach but aren’t in your direct line of vision. That way you won’t see them all the time, but you’ll be able to access your items quickly and easily.

This is especially useful in the kitchen where every inch of counter space is needed for preparing meals and cleaning up. Put a spice rack on the wall, along with a stackable can rack to store canned goods.

Turn Your Furniture Into Storage Units

Install cabinet space in your end tables and the coffee table. Place pullout bins under your bed. That way you take advantage of every square foot and use it to your advantage to store the items you need and avoid clutter.

Install a Hanging Closet

You certainly won’t have room to put a walk-in closet in your tiny house, and you might not have room for a closet at all, so use racks and hanging rods to have an organized place for your clothing. As long as everything is neat and attractive you can have an open closet against one wall that still looks appealing.

Add Storage to Your Bathroom

Take advantage of extra space by turning it into storage areas. Add a three-shelf bathroom space saver over your toilet to store extra supplies and towels. Add another shelf over the bathroom door for items you don’t use as often.

Your tiny home is small by nature, but you don’t have to feel cramped living there. Make picking up items a habit until it becomes second nature. You’ll so enjoy living in a clean, organized space you won’t be able to imagine returning to a big, cluttered home.