Pest Control

What You Need to Know About Green Pest Control

Green Pest Control

When irritating, destructive pests invade your home and yard, it is easy to call the nearest exterminator who will service your home quickly. Pesticides work fast and seem to fix the issues that “bug” you, but you could be trading one problem for several other dangers. If you want to rid your home of unwelcome creepy-crawlies, you can do so safely by selecting a pest control company that uses eco-friendly chemicals.

It Works Better and Lasts Longer

An environmentally conscious exterminator Portland OR uses eco-friendly chemicals that are more effective in treating your pest problems and last longer than their highly toxic counterparts. Insect populations survive treatments by developing resistance to products used by exterminators. Repeated exposure to poisonous solutions may only prepare insect colonies against future attacks. Because it is more difficult for pests to develop resistance to green solutions, low-toxicity chemicals are a no-brainer.

It Could Save Your Life

Chemical pesticides with a high level of toxicity can lead to acute poisoning if inhaled or absorbed into your skin. Even if a homeowner avoids these risks by evacuating his or her home during treatment, the dangers of repeated, low-level exposure over time has been scientifically linked to chronic health conditions including nerve, blood and liver damage. Reproductive disorders, congenital disabilities, genetic mutations, tumor growth, cancer and respiratory risks are also increased.

It Keeps the Ecosystem Balanced

Because traditional pesticides must be reapplied frequently, the unhealthy soil it leaves behind can make plant regrowth challenging. Toxins released into your soil may also kill your existing vegetation and harm your pets. Declines in pollinator populations such as butterflies and honeybees are primarily due to irresponsible pesticide use as well.

Ridding your home of unwanted pests is achieved more safely and effectively with environmentally friendly solutions. With this information, you can be sure that you are keeping you and your loved ones out of harm’s way.…