Essential Workers in Assisted Living Facilities

The primary distinction between an assisted living facility and a nursing home is that people in a nursing home need 24-hour care for serious chronic diseases and disabilities. With assisted living assistance, senior citizens can remain active and engaged in their communities. Studies have shown that those unable to maneuver, such as those who can’t drive or walk, are prone to mental health issues such as depression. Moving into an assisted living facility near you can help you address or avert such problems.

However, most people aren’t familiar with the staff found in assisted living in Bradenton Florida, and across the globe. Although it’s very similar to what you expect, their roles can be different considering the services offered in an assisted living facility.

Employees Found in Assisted Living

  • Nurses: Some assisted living facilities utilize visiting nurses or part-time RNs to supervise nursing assistants and check on residents. Larger facilities have full-time nurses.
  • Nursing Assistants:  Certified nursing assistants or CNAs must operate under the supervision of a registered nurse. On-site nurses may be required to offer more intense monitoring of skilled nursing assistant personnel and orderlies.
  • Cleaners: The facilities must be clean to avoid infection transmission. In assisted living, housekeeping personnel clean rooms and corridors, remove food and garbage to deter mice and insects and maintain safe and dry floors and staircases.
  • Activities directors: As Maryville University explains, an activities director ensures that residents have something to do. Residents often go on outings to museums, theaters, and shopping centers or indulge in sports and simple exercises to keep them active and engaged.

In summary, the workers mentioned above work together to achieve a common goal – the health and wellness of senior citizens housed within. These professionals are valuable in any society concerned about the welfare of seniors.