Easy Steps to Writing News for Beginners

Are you going to write news for the first time or want to explore journalism in terms of writing news? If so, let’s look at the following easy steps for writing news for beginners.

News writing circulating in the media today may be quite different from the news a few years ago. Because at this time the news must be written as short and concise as possible. For a writer, this can be a challenge and must be overcome so that the news written can be useful for many people and of course attract many readers. For that, you need to learn to write news.

Choose a topic that is ‘hot’

The first step you must take to write news is to choose a topic that is currently hot. In addition to making it easier for you to dig up information, writing news with topics that are currently ‘hot’ will also make it easier for you to ‘attract’ readers.

Choose a different point of view

To make the news you write different from others and get more readers, you must be able to make news from an interesting angle, as well as from different from others. For example, when there is information about launching a learning program application, you don’t have to write directly about the application description. But, try to tell us about the background of the creation of the application and how long the process took.

Enter only important information

As discussed in the second paragraph, one of the challenges of a writer today is to write news as concisely and as briefly as possible. Because currently the average length of news is only 500 words. Some stories are even less than 400 words long.

Therefore, when writing visit the chicago tribune obituaries , make it a habit to only include information that is really needed. It’s different if you really want to write content articles that discuss only one topic, for example the article you’re reading right now. In addition, in writing news do not forget to include the most important information at the beginning. For example the date of the event, its location, and other important information.

Use words that are easy to understand

Another thing you need to do when writing news is to use words that are easy for many people to understand. Don’t just because you want to make the news you write look like a beautiful literary work and different from others, you use words that are difficult to understand. For example, you use the word “Existence”, even though that word can be replaced with “Existence”.

Write the news as objectively as possible

Writing news that is objective or neutral and does not lead the reader to only one point of view is an important thing that you must also master. Because as a writer, you must give the reader the opportunity to judge an event from his own point of view, whether the reader wants to judge the news as bad or good, without being led to a point of view.