3 Ideas for Spiffing Up Your Business’s Frontage

Do you wonder how you can enhance the look and atmosphere of your business’s frontage? If so, consider these three creative ideas, from installing an awning to positioning greenery in plant pots.

1. Install an Awning

This idea is especially appealing to businesses that have an outdoor frontage. Awnings add character and visual interest and protect visitors from sun and rain. Today’s awning industry offers retractable and patio products made of aluminum and plexiglass. In addition, many awning companies provide installation, cleaning and power washing services. To find area experts online, enter the desired awning product and your location in your search engine: “plexiglass awnings New York,” for example.

2. Refresh the Paintwork

Whether you paint your business’s front door, window trim, sign or shingle, you instantly spiff up your exterior. Clean, fresh paintwork creates a positive impression on customers and visitors alike. If you want to further your business brand, choose the paint colors that appear on your logo or letterhead. Don’t forget, too, that color has a psychological effect on humans. For example, warm colors can inspire warmth or excitement, while cool colors can impart calm or sadness.

3. Green Up the Exterior

Whether your business’s frontage is outdoors or indoors, you can always add a pop of greenery to it to create a naturally pleasing entrance area. If you’re tight on floor or walkway space, consider hanging baskets with ferns or spider plants that require minimal care. If you’ve got a courtyard or patio, think about potted palms or shrubberies that create a pleasant ambiance. Got lots of room? Add sitting areas or benches so that your customers or visitors can rest for a while.

If you like these ideas, you can find many more online, especially on websites and blogs for interior and landscape designers. Browse the internet for the best solutions for your business’s frontage.